Open Talk with these Gorgeous Wedding Planners ! How well it is stated about curbing some fat from BIG FAT Weddings in India as per Lok Sabha Bill initiated?

Oh well! We have heard the initiation of Lok Sabha Bill about limiting various aspects in weddings. This remains an open ended discussion as how well its stated and justified to the Big Fat Weddings that are conducted in India.

Understanding the boom and the spends we hear by the bigwigs, politicians and other potentials; we shell out few questions which is very well addressed by these pretty lady planners.

We asked them below questions in general for which they have shared their thoughts… Read Below!

Q: How justified is the Lok Sabha Bill on wedding??
Q: Does this invite moving to foreign destinations?

Q: Is it Bright to think, limit in numbers will yearn more parties for same occasion?

Palkan Bandekar (Palkan B Weddings Etc)

I personally believe that India is a democratic country and people should have the freedom to spend their money the way they want. Today the government is asking us to put a cap on the money we spend at weddings on the pretext that it pressurises the poor to match up to the standards that are raised so high by the rich, but what we are not looking at is how this industry creates jobs at every level and at all platforms. It provides jobs like trousseau packing or baking to women who are homemakers, set building to labourers, kaarigars for embroidery work. How is this aspect not being looked at. The money spent on weddings is eventually coming into our economy.

The call on how the cap will be measured is not clear yet, but it will surely move business out as other countries are more welcoming and want to host Indian weddings as they are aware about the benefits they receive monetarily from just 1 wedding.

Yes doing multiple parties could be an option, but how many events can you end up hosting? In our country we don’t have a cap on the no of babies one should produce so obviously our families are a little larger than normal, so I am not sure how the government plans to handle that aspect.

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Neha Wadhawan (Doli Diary)

The Lok Sabha Bill has irony written all over it,  it has been proposed by a politician whereas the biggest weddings of the country are hosted by politicians themselves. Although I appreciate the thought of donating towards the under privileged sector and support it to some extent, I believe it is really unfair to put a cap on how a person should spend his hard earned money. Weddings specially in india, are the most important and celebrated occasions, they are almost like festivals be it villages or metropolitan cities, an average Indian parents spends and saves a major chunk of their lifetime earnings for this occasion, so it should be a totally personal choice in how much and what way they want to spend. This is a personal matter which the government should not intervene in at all. May be we can have an option of donating a certain percentage to the well being of other girls, but it should not be a compulsion, just a good deed which everyone would be more than happy to donate. Weddings are emotional get together, one where the entire group of family and friends get together to enjoy it, putting a cap would just be putting a cap the the happiness love and joy Indians feel during a wedding and that shouldn’t be done at all.

It is just a private bill proposed by a private member, so I don’t think it will ever be passed and become a law. If at all it does, it will be a huge move for a wedding obsessed country like india. It surely will invite a lot of people to move their wedding to foreign destinations if wedding expenditure in foreign destinations is exempted by the law. The only reason being a percentage of 10 percent is too high and a forced donation will not make a lot of people happy.

NO it will not yearn more parties for the same occasion as they have put a cap on the expenditure for the same occasion as well, so people wont be able to have multiple themed parties for the same wedding. What it can do is increase expenditure in pre and post wedding experiences like bachelorettes and honeymoons. Luxury travel to take a huge rise if the law gets passed. Moreover, it will lead to people pre purchasing all their jewellery and clothes on different occasions or excuses and using it in their wedding. The hotel industry and destination properties in india will surely take a hit.

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Annushree Agarwal (Theme Weavers Designs)

The Lok Sabha will certainly levy a check on the master-blaster weddings but also ensure some good deed. In my opinion, those who have the potential wouldn’t mind shelling out some help alongside.

For some it may definitely be a foreign destination! However, this could be a decision which needs to be well-thought since weddings abroad are an expensive affair. It would be fair to host in India within limits considering the expenses one raises in doing any international destination. And usually, the weddings overseas do not see a larger number of guests. 

I think it may increase number of parties… But how much could one do as it also means an added expenditure each time one hosts a party. 

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