"Party in Prison", "Riot of Colors", "Sufi", "Royal Rajwada"…all for Vadodara’s Big Fat Wedding designed and executed by Q Events is peerless.

Q Events designs and executes one of the big fat weddings in Vadodara with elaborate & stirring themes. From youngsters bash to the wedding, each theme spoke of grandeur and the production skills of Q Events is always commendable. 

Rituraj Khanna of Q Events shares his gallery of this jumbo wedding exclusively for our readers!

Youngster Bash: Party in Prison Theme 

Who would not fancy being flamboyantly arrested like this forever! 

Punch 1: Colors used Black White in stripes Red to lift the space. Not to miss the catering staff in striped uniforms. 

Punch 2: Photo Opt Corners, dance floor!

Punch 3: Letter Art for Photo-Opt! And entertainment for all night long.


Punch 4: Presentation of Food Counters is exceptional! 

Mehendi: Riot of Colours Theme

This Mehendi is definitely more peppy, decked and fun! Variety hangings, floral arrangements, floral rangolis, puppet hangings, khaat, muddies, carts, etc. can be seen in this huge venue.

Punch 1: Bride and Groom Floral Jhoola and window wall background for beverage counter.

Punch 2: Art wall with Indie-pop elements, floral bands on pillars and vibrant seating.

Punch 3: Central Installation with frame/jharoka hangings and pom pom ladis.

Punch 4: Floral Ring Hangings, Dream Catchers, puppet hangings.

Punch 5: Floral Rangolis, Printed Entry gate with floral arch borders.

And the TWO Be’s…

Sangeet: Sufi Theme 

This is one of its kind grand sangeet settings which is way more Sufiana than it sounds. You will be transformed to a picturesque Moroccan world!
Punch 1: Laser cut fine structures and tall crystal vases !

Punch 2: Brass Lamps, antique crockery, Sufi Dancer images in lounges and chandeliers! 

Punch 3: Crystal hangings, florals, linens, royal couch for bride groom seating, lower guests seatings !

Punch 4: Gorgeous Bar and Serving Staff thematically dressed ! 

and this Adorable Couple…

Wedding: Royal Rajwada Theme 

The main day looked extravagant in Royal Rajwada Theme using color story in Bold and Gold!
Punch 1: The grand entrance to the main area!

Punch 2: Venue gleaming in reds and golds, velvet linen, artistic floral hangings, antique furniture!

Punch 3: Installations that cannot be missed!

Punch 4: Vidhi Mandap ravishing in florals and auspicious colours!

Punch 5: Lavish Dining with extravagant brass metal vases and cutlery!

Punch 6: Groom Entry in the Royal Buggy and Bride Entry on a Floral Palki ! 

And finally adorable them together forever….

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