Most Loved Mentor – In Talk with WED Tease!

Rituraj Khanna of Q Events by Geeta Samuel from Delhi gets candid sharing his views on fraternity, convention and awards.

This comes as understanding to many wedding planners who wants to part the derby to achieve recognition grades in the industry. And tell us who doesn’t want to score the highest? Says no Horse but the Rider.

How you ride it is how you get it!

Hence, wethought to bring in a conversation with the most loved mentor of the industry – Rituraj Khanna famously known as RRK to the wedding world!

WED Tease: RRK! You have been attending conventions and fraternity awards in these past few months. But we don’t see you as an entrant to any awards. Why?

I attend all these platforms to connect and bond with all my loved ones. I consider this as a great time where I can take some learnings and catch up with each one. I get to meet loads of new people and I love sharing my experiences with them.

I see there are many young ones who look forward to meet me and talk to me on “one on one” basis. I enjoy my time to the utmost reaching out to them at these conventions!

When you say about these awards – we were never in the rat race!

We now work to please ourselves and our clients. It feels great to be up on stage and getting an award but somewhere to my conscience I feel this becoming more of a showbiz! So now my notion is to share my learnings, guide and support this generation from my extensive professional experience… this somewhere is a soul-driven benevolence! rolex replica

WED Tease: How much value does these awards hold in order to generate business and for whom?

I don’ think these awards have anything to do with business! These are merely an acknowledgement from the fraternity for all the good work.

We shine on stage for a few seconds and thats it! The next day we are back to work… However the feeling of getting an award is simply great…. It gives us a High! relojes de imitacion

WED Tease: We see there are numerous who are into wedding planning now but fear applying for awards as they sure they can’t compete the biggies! How do they bring themselves up?

I think it’s a wrong attitude, one must have confidence in themselves. Never look at other person’s work.

If you are convinced you should just give in your entries for you never know what is that thing that might click with the judges.

I would like to tell you, I recently had an interview which was not supposed to happen but when the host told me that plenty of people did not put any entry because of my company’s work is when I specifically communicated to the interviewer that I decided not to put in any entry for we are not in thisrat race. We have been in the industry for very long and would rather bring up learnings and mentor to the new businessman!

WED Tease: Big weddings always leave making noise. But not all! There is definitely a thin line! What is it?

Big weddings always make NOISE! Any wedding to be BIG needs have plenty of wow factors. Many years back one wow factor did wonders in weddings. But now things are moving swiftly – right from decor to food to entertainment to venues… its just grand grander grandest all the way. Let me tell you… In the end, it’s a game of MONEY!

WED Tease: We see be it any city you travel… the amateurs, the intermediates are your great fans! What binds them to you?

Oh Well YES! Where ever I go all youngsters love to come and meet me. I love guiding them on site.

In fact I feel highly pampered. You won’t believe once a boy came with a tiffin from home and tells me – Sir I have been following you on social media and since you have been travelling for 21 days, I got a home cooked meal packed for you! It comes to me as something how to believe but to believe! There are uncountable instances like these.

I must say I love the spirit of these young ones. Some boys admire me from corners of the venue watching me how I work onsite and there I give them a chance to understand and learn. Rest their love is unmatchable and why is what they can only tell.

WED Tease: What takes to be a wedding designer and a perfect executioner? Do these newbies understand the challenges?

I simply want to list few:

Hard Work
Design Sense
Attitude Matter
One must Be Truthful
Don’t Cheat on CLIENTS


List goes on… and I expect them to understand this.

WED Tease: Does weddings require a huge production investment in order to gain big clients?

Definitely Yes! You need finances in place if you are doing a huge wedding.

But on the other hand not all big clientele necessarily have big wedding shows……… they can prefer elegant weddings and that i assume can be pitched by anyone.

I would like to tell these young ones, please never be afraid of any client. Always remain humble and confident while pitching for these big fat weddings! You will surely achieve one day!

We shall continue to share more insights with Rituraj Khanna and other mentors bringing you all closer to the industry learnings.