Meet the fame Mangesh Desai | Illusionist and Mentalist | Tricking in Weddings

Gone are the days when Magic used to be pre-set, predictable and patent. Advance skills have transformed Magic into what we now call “Illusion” which needs perfection and deep concentration. There are variety of acts performed and this art has moved to Street/ Close-up act.

And one such country’s fame who masters this art is “Mangesh Desai” and who has a finesse in performing his tricks. He has not only wowed across big platforms and well known TV shows but is also tricking with variety concepts at weddings.

Behind his achievements lies the hard work that date backs to his kindergarten days when he was 5 years old. 

His tricks are truly a game changer and we got a chance to learn what he has been doing for Weddings! 

WED Tease in conversation with Mangesh Desai….

Q: Is Illusion an Art or Act or Mind Trick?

Essentially it’s an art but it can be an act or a mind trick based on the secret and the way it’s presented.

Q: Many prefer Illusionist for small functions to keep their guests engaged. How about perceiving it as a Main act? 

Not true anymore. It used to be like that when the audience wasn’t aware of it’s applications. Now it is used as a main act, usually for pre wedding events (and corporate events). I myself have done a few of those. The pack of small plays big factor of mentalism that makes it an ideal solution. 

Q: Usually an Illusionist is misunderstood as a Magician. Can you share some insights?

Illusion is the art. Magician/ illusionist are the terms used to describe it’s performer. In olden days they were all called magicians as they portrayed having real magic powers. Nowadays it is known that it’s just an illusion. So the ones who call themselves magicians usually do the classic type performance. The illusionist are claiming that it’s all illusions based on science, no real power yet way more entertaining.

Q: What kind of customisation in Illusion can you bring in weddings?  

The best way to use illusions is for the entry of the bride/groom. A stage act of a stand-up illusionist can also be designed adding humour and other elements targeted towards the family members.

Q: What are your learnings from Weddings? 

It’s always the 11th hour! If an entry illusion is planned they never get time to practice so it’s best to inform them, way in advance,  that the illusion can’t be executed without practice. 

In walk-around, it’s always fun as people usually know each other and connect quickly. 

On stage shows though we have to be careful not to hurt anyone’s sentiments, even a simplest joke can get you in trouble. Family ego plays a big role you see.

Q: To what extent can you entertain and keep the audience engaged with Illusion? 

During pre wedding functions illusion can play a crucial role of breaking the ice. Before the dances and other family members performances it can relax the guests. 

During pheras walk around works great! Usually the guests have nothing to do during pheras, that’s where a strolling illusionist keeps them entertained.

Q: Is learning Illusion easily achievable? 

It’s like asking is learning music easily achievable? The answer could be yes for a single song. Anyone can practice enough to master a song, but to become a singer you need to dedicate a lot of time. Similarly learning an effect is possible with practice and enough interest becoming an illusionist would mean putting years of hard work. 

That’s the reason I have been able to teach a few effects to celebrities for movie promotions. Akshay Kumar , Amitabh Bachchan, Hritik Roshan, they all have learnt a few effects but haven’t become illusionist! 

Q: Can you also go wrong with your Illusion?

Yes, it’s possible as there are lot of factors involved in executing it. But a good performer is the one who doesn’t let the audience know he has failed, that’s where the humour helps to hide it.


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