Vivaah Makers talk about their wedding business | In Conversation | Exclusive | Monsoon Wedding in Coorg

“We make relations and we don’t leave it after the wedding gets over, we nurture them.” – Varun Madaan, Vivaah Makers


Varun Madaan runs his dream company called Vivaah Makers along with his sister. He personally loves to explore destinations, believes in an arrangement where he can bring select locations for special celebrations and promotes them has his unique.

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We bring an exclusive in conversation with Varun where he talks about his business and shares some insights on the “Monsoon Wedding” he has done in Orange County Coorg, now known as Evolve Back Resort.


WED Tease : Varun, you are known to explore some great locations and destinations for weddings. How do you approach these properties and what is your basic understanding upon interacting with these properties?

Varun: Truly, there is no fixed protocol that we follow. However, they should have all the ingredients to make a wedding memorable in terms of hospitality, venues, food and a great working environment. When we approach them, they initially are bit hesitant as they have no experience, but when we give them confidence to work around our mutual understanding, then it’s more comforting!


WED Tease : How did you get into wedding planning business? 

Varun : It started 5 years back with my cousins wedding I planned in Goa. This being the very first destination wedding in the family, everyone was highly excited… I remember my uncle telling me during the course of the wedding period that our relatives are making their own spends and travelling all the way to Goa… your planning must be top notch.The fact that he had faith in me, I was equally energised and I took it as a challenge. The hard work paid off and the outcome was just perfect! The whole process did not feel like a job to me… cos I enjoyed every bit of it. And I feel this opened doors to launch my dream company – Vivaah Makers!


WED Tease : You have recently done a wedding at Evolve Back Resort formerly known as Orange County in Coorg. What made you recommend this destination and property for a wedding?

Varun : Our client was looking for a monsoon wedding and they were open to a destination. After few sessions of brain storming, we together thought of a Forest wedding and that’s when Orange County came into picture. The property lies in the middle of 300 acres of coffee plantation which is something incredible.

WED Tease : Can you share some highlights of this wedding? 

Varun : The property is extensive and has various venues where different ceremonies took place.

  • The rings were exchanged at the chapel (it is within the property)
  • The youngster’s night was done at the pool side which was open to the sky and in the middle of the plantation
  • Haldi ceremony at granary pool side area with fun games & flower fights
  • Flash mob by the family members during the Haldi and Ghadoli ceremony
  • There is a temple is in the middle of the coffee plantation where we conducted rituals for the couple
  •  Baraat had the local indulgence with traditional coorgi dancers and folk music
  • Groom arrived in the forest jeep for wedding procession
  • Europa Band from Bangalore for wedding reception
  • Dholwalas were flown down all the way from Punjab

WED Tease : What time of the year do you feel its ideal to do weddings at this property ?

Varun : Every one warned us that July is not a good season for weddings in Coorg. But we still did! The property is more on the land and not on top of the hills… so rains do occur but for very limited time period. November to February is the best time to get married here. The property is always busy and booked a year in advance. In order to buy-out we need to plan well in advance and be flexible with the dates.


WED Tease : Would you opt for this property over any other 5 star? Why?

Varun : Definitely Yes! The vibes, the nature, the forest, the venues, the food and the overall experience – its simply exceptional. Trust me when I say this! I have done many weddings across 5 star properties but the feeling of being here amidst this landscape is worth an experience. Evolve Back Resort has never entertained weddings in the last 22 years and I am very fortunate to have convinced them to do so. I can never thank them enough for approving us as the FIRST and making a most memorable Monsoon Wedding for our client!

WED Tease : Your idea of “Steal Deal” packages that attracts weddings. How do you manage exceptional discounts or is it something given to all?

Varun : With hotels it’s a different task altogether, we have to keep in mind the running expenses of these properties, and come to a good deal concluding there’s no compromise on the quality. We firmly believe in this and that’s what our brand stands for! Negotiations are healthy up to a certain limit & since we give them business back to back, these properties offer us the best packages.


WED Tease : What kind of services you offer? and how does Vivaah Makers brings difference?

Varun : We at Vivaah Makers provide end to end service to the clients. From the venue selection to decor to entertainment to giveaways to logistics to RSVP… at times we end up planning the honeymoon as well. Our strength lies in the relationship we develop with our clients. We look out for something unique in the wedding – from exploring new venues to working around the couple story. “We make relations and we don’t leave it after the wedding gets over, we nurture them!”


Pic Credits : The Creative Lens