#PriyArjun knot is about "Opposites Attract" even in arranged affairs !

No matter its an arranged or love, true feelings makes you comfortable about each other in every way.


One such formal arrangement led into a beautiful love story is shared with us by Priya Malik herself. 

Priya tells us,  our story is about “When Mr. Advocate met Social Butterfly”.


Priya is a career oriented scorpion girl and Arjun is a Sagittarian judicial advocate. 

One fine sunny day PriyArjun met at Priya’s favorite place Cafe Coffee Day and started their conversation, the conversation that wasn’t coming to an end. Their meeting was arranged by their parents so that they can get comfortable talking each other, but later they started liking each other’s company and started sharing their days.

What attracted them to each other is….her bold and courageous attitude and his decent and sober nature.


Over days of less conversations, an unknown love was blossoming and it is when they felt there is something missing, something that is incomplete. Well accepted by the two families, they officially began preparations for their dream wedding.


Priya tells us, “however it was an arranged affair, we not only connected but we felt eloped. The way our feelings progressed and how we accepted the differences of each other is what we still wonder and how much we thank our families for tying us into this beautiful bond.”




Priya was highly involved in creating  themes for all the ceremonies and their wedding card. 
Wedding Card : Law+Social Media (Legally Social)
Ring Ceremony (#KurmaiDiRaat) : Fairytale White Wedding
Shagun & Chunni Chadai (#ShagnaDiRaat) : Traditional Dhol Style
Mehendi (#MehendiShagnaDi) : Bridesmaid Adventure
Wedding (#VyahPriyArjunDa) : Royal Appeal

Credits to:
Bride’s Wardrobe: Landmark Designer Studio
Groom’s Wardrobe: Manyavar & Blackberry

Make Up: Ranju Gill 
Hair: Rama
Wedding Planner: WeddKnot 
Photography: The Videowala