The stakes to master “The Art of Professional Responsibility” tells our very favourite mentor Rituraj Khanna

We chose yet another segment of the industry to let each one know what Mentors believe and they try to educate all who are associated with them ultimately bringing up an ethical industry. 

A much needed we say ! 

WED Tease: Ritu Sir, we see your constant efforts to connect with these youngsters from the industry in all good and healthy ways? Is there too much competition prevailing?

I always keep in touch with all the upcoming wedding planners and where ever I go I try to give them on-site education and understanding. I always make an attempt that I sit one to one over meals, spend quality time and try to understand what they are doing.

I often tell them to be honest of the work they showcase and not try and win the client by positioning what they ain’t.  Gaining good reputation takes much longer than losing it.

Definitely there is huge competition! But I find it healthy since I see they all are united in all good ways irrespective they pitch against each other. As long as they are at peace, we are happy to accept them. 

WED Tease: What are your basic teachings to them?

There are no thumb rules here, however I always tell them these:

  1. Just be true to your clients and to yourself
  2. Don’t be copy cats
  3. Don’t ever be rude
  4. Clients are always right

WED Tease: They consider you “God Father of the Industry”. What responsibilities you undertake?

Its a difficult task guiding everybody and at times I wonder – what if i go wrong? After all I am also a human.

People often call me for their issues and the most common problem of our industry of payments getting stuck. I hold immense respect in industry for which I am approached and I take a step with those who have created issues for long. It benefits me in no way, but I try and support the meaningful. 

As an organisation, we have taken years to reach this recognition and have learned everything ourselves. Our industry is growing at a very fast pace and if I can show some light to their pathway, I feel this least I can do for my children. My industry loves me to a great extent and so do I. Its my constant effort to try and give business so that they can earn and grow.

WED Tease: Do you also have your favorites? And defined roles of work to your favourite list of vendors?

YES! I have my favourites. 

I have set vendors in all the cities across the country with whom I have been working for ages and I do refuse to change them. They are set with our style of working and we know what best can be delivered by them. It is a NO Compromise when it comes to our clients.

WED Tease: How do you take up these challenges when you face some harsh realities?

I take them in a stride. I have plenty of barriers which I have to cross without hurting anyone. I have been here for long, I love everyone…and so these challenges are monitered and then taken care of one by one. 

WED Tease: Lastly! Your take on Being Professional?

I feel professionalism should be taken very seriously specially in our business. We hold relations as one aspect but that cannot over power work. I follow my list of favourite vendors and at the same time ensure there’s no compromise as I just spoke about it. Also, one must learn to deal directly with the client over financials and closures as not always it is on a contract/package with us but can be a suggested vendor.

When it comes to business, its only the professional capability which is counted. Remember! 

We shall continue to share more insights with Rituraj Khanna and other mentors bringing you all closer to the industry learnings.