#NIHUN is a Punjabi wali Shaan wedding | Dilli Di Wedding | Dubai Da Pre-Wedding Shoot | Groom’s Diction

It hits back to what we call “Love at First Sight”. Most of the times one eventually gets attracted to your opposite and that’s where a chemistry is evolved. And that’s what…. #NIHUN is also like !

The “BEAUTY” he called her from inside out; her chirpiness and that oomph Punjabi accent – swirled his universe ! And the very moment he knew it was her !!

We planned a Punjabi Royal wedding .
Gowns, Suits and Bhangra – WE HAD ALL OF THE PUNJABI. engagement gown handmade from Meraki. A PERSONALIZED decor banquet, fun ELEMENTS styled menu, a PUNJABI stylish occasion. – says Honey Arora (Bride)

And… there’s a little flashback to this whole Punjabi Dhamaka Wedding rather a self -written story by the groom of how #NIHUN happened. Read all of it here… Its one of those short stories that happens in each of our lives…in theirs it evolved as a “Made in Heaven” !

It was the summers of Delhi. I had recently returned from Mumbai (Official trip). She had joined a team within our company – PeopleStrong. The first time I noticed her was in our monthly departmental meet. Time came when all joiners were to introduce themselves and I hear an introduction in a typical Punjabi tone “My Name is Honey Arora”. After the meeting, I went out to look who the girl was. I was struck to herGreen Eyes (Billo – Punjabi), bubbly her and the chirpiness. Her smile was just magical. She kept everyone entertained from her colleagues to managers. It seems there was a life on the operations floor.
One day a common friend had posted a picture of both of them on Facebook. I picked up the courage and commented which became the initiation of our conversation. Funny part was the very first day when we were chatting on messenger, I asked her contact number stating there is a network problem and messages are delayed which she assumed was a pickup line to take phone number though ithonestlywasn’t…Very next day she had the same issue and she gave me her number to which I just sent a smiley. We chatted long hours and the time comes when I asked her out on a date.
Our first date “The Town House Cafe, CP”, we spoke like we had so much in common and so much to share.We dated for an year & half, loving, caring and having our own set of problems. Comes a day she gets an offer from Dubai. We both thought it wont work now but still kept chatting & talking. Long distance was never our cup of tea. One day she was crying on phone missing everything and specially food because she couldnt get a proper meal for herself, as she couldnt cook.
I immediately went on zomato, searched nearby restuarant and ordered food for her. That day I felt she needed me. I booked my ticket for Dubai and came to her surprise over Christmas & New Year. We were having a fun filled time.
One day, I saw an opening of HR. I was under dillema, a career created over 10 yrs vs a entry level profile in a new country where I know none. I knew i had to take a call. I went for interview, got selected. Came back to India and resigned to rejoin her in Dubai.
Well there was whole set of difficulties in between from learning cooking for her, making family understand and compromising on own careerand all that lavishness.
Two and half years in Dubai went flying. The day comes when I was a perfect cook, a loving boy friend and a rising HR Leader. We spoke to our families and introduced them. the families agreed and we got official.

Awwww! This is such an open heart written Life’s Confession… Striving to give a meaning to a life is all we want to do? Ain’t it!

Take a look at their Pre-Wedding and Wedding Videos – Punjabi Hungama!



Engagement Venue: Grand Dream, Delhi
Wedding Venue : City Park Resort, New Delhi
Photography: By The VideoWala
Videography: By The VideoWala
Makeup/Hair Styling: Luxure By Parul, Model Town