Q Events: Concept Wedding Builders of India recreates Royal Rajwada of Golden Era

Q Events creates benchmarks in constructing grand wedding concepts for they possess remarkable production skills. 

Rajwada theme is about reconstruction of wedding set like that of Royal Palaces of the Golden Era.

Rituraj recreates the grand wedding theme with a colors of sindhoor mixing with a rich color palette of Maroon and Greens.

He tells us, “There is a very special connect about creating such wedding sets in the Royal land Udaipur. I feel a moment is frozen to the Maharaja era at this historic place. This place is my second home and so close to my heart that for once I feel I lived the Royal age of The Kings. It’s true my designs speaks of the closest reconstruction.”


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Rituraj believes in making it edgy by adding contemporary elements in line with the necessary elements required for the theme.

Rituraj adds to the detailing and tells us, “For this wedding we used zardozi chandwas, Sreenathji as main stage backdrop, Vedi made up of single rose petals and golden gota and chandeliers. And yes not to miss the ice bar by Imagine Ice!”

India TV rates Rajwada theme as one of the top themes for “fantastic weddings”. (http://www.indiatvnews.com/lifestyle/news/top-five-unique-wedding-themes-3496.html)

blog by: wedtease | info: qevents | photos: raja jain