Wed Tease Russia: Show Stealer Araik Galstyan of Moscow International Floral Design School

Wed Tease exclusive conversation with a prominent figure and an inspirational floral designer from Russia.

Araik’s conversation with Wed Tease will open insights on his love for floristry.

WT: Araik, you have a finesse in floral designing? Tell us what made you choose floristry?

AG: Years ago, I was studying as a painter. I walked past the flower shop and realized that I wanted to work there. And I start my career as a florist.

WT: You have been honored with numerous awards? Which one was the most touching and why? 

AG: For me one of the important awards are People’s Choice Awards in World Cups. I am the unique florist in the world who has won it twice. It not only means that professionals understand and appreciate me and my works, but also people like it. It is very important for me.

WT: Can you share some achievements from your Floral Design School?

AG: Yes! Araik Galstyan Moscow International Floral Design school has short term courses, workshops and 2 year course in Master Florist. We have already given the Master florists for many years. Our students come from all over the world. We cooperate with many professional from all over the world, they visit us to share their experience with students.

School helps   students to participate  in different international competitions, I take them to assist me during my shows in different countries, it is a big experience for them and they grow day by day. We already have some students who have achieved success in international competitions. These students further open  floral design houses, Design services, etc. 

WT: We recently saw some show pics from “International Wedding Project in Kyrgyzstan”. Can you share some details on the project? (designs that you showcased and what made you showcase those designs?)

AG: I have already worked with them for many years and every year I have workshops and A Big show. International Wedding Project is updated each year and I present them my new designs and approach about it, which their people can use in their weddings, it is not only a great show there, but very useful for them in their business.

WT: Have you ever been to India? Would you like to visit and conduct some inspirational workshops?

AG: I remember coming to India in 2014 for a Wedding Fraternity Meet. I have worked in India , I have designed Big Indian Weddings. I have already made masterclass exhibition there. And of course, it will be of highly interesting for me to have a workshop and to give my experience, my thoughts, my technique to the Indian florists. 

WT: Would you like to explore your work for Indian market? Which segment would you choose Fashion or Weddings? and Why?

AG: When I was a kid,  I was watching Indian movies, I have always admired the beauty of the wedding ceremonies. And now I’ll often work in India, make designs of wedding ceremonies. As a child, I could not think about that, it was beyond dreams. But my work does not entirely follow the traditions that we have all seen in the movies. This is completely different – a lot of great and unusual works, it’s a new view, creative designs and arrangements. I am very pleased that my work finds a warm response from my customers in India, they understand me and they all love it.

WT: You feel you have a large scope with Indian Weddings? and Why?

AG: Yes, as I mentioned I have a new point of view how to keep traditions, but with new and a fresh approach. And this approach is and will always liked in India.

WT: Would Russia be next for Big Fat Indian Weddings? Which city do you think can accommodate the needs for Indian celebrations? Can you detail?

AG: In Russia, every place is possible to make Indian Wedding as per the customer wants. It does not depend on the city type, it depends on what atmosphere, what design, what sight is required by the customer. Everything is possible as the customer wants ! All details of design come to my vision as I hear to the customer and see the place, after which I make an offer of my designs and explain the look and feel of it.

WT: Where do you get such amazing inspirations on floral designing?

AG: I am a painter and it helps me a lot,  its all in my mind, anything and everything can generate a new idea in me. 

Araik’s work is marvellous, he is very passionate and full of life. Here are some pictures he has shared with  Wed Tease where he has presented his work at different platforms.


interview by: wedtease
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