Chronicles of Beacon Creations: Destination Kovalam

Queen of the Water and King of the Land converges binding the two Souls together and then a sensational story unfolds!


Beacon Creation creates an aesthetic wedding in a paradise Kovalam for Golecha and Mutha families of Mumbai.

Nirav proves to be an out of the box thinker with the concepts suggested by him, the families discovered; off the confirmed guest list, turn outs shot up by 200 before the final days.

He initiated his first construction – an idea to video shoot bride and groom underwater for “Save the Date”  (click to watch video) giving invitees a feel of backwaters wedding.

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Thereon, wedding card styling was another pick for the increase in guest turnouts. The guest list was invited personally and customised to a theme where Kathakali dancer went home to home performed religious prayer with a dance step and narrated the three day program handing out the hard copy to them.

The logistics were planned very well as they covered 135 homes over 9 days covering 15 homes a day.

The wedding as a whole was of a splendid experience considering exotic location Kovalam which is not highly explored. Nirav’s concepts and suggestions made this wedding a real time gala.

Luxury venue for guests

The most beautiful properties in Kovalam The Leela and Vivanta by Taj –  Green Cove were booked for guests. The Leela sits on a cliff, offering panoramic views of the Kovalam shoreline and the Arabian Sea. It is steps from a private beach, and features a spa and the luxurious Vivanta by Taj is located along Kovalam Beach, featuring a backdrop of natural surroundings. It showcases a traditional Indian spa providing rejuvenation therapies.


Cindrella Dreams Theme for Sangeet at The Leela

A very well conceptualised theme which related to a real time incidence of bride and groom. Multiple number of pairs were kept all over stage where groom had to find the lost shoe of the bride. And once he finds, appears the bride from behind the split screen and as they perform to their dance concludes with exchanging rings.

Nirav quotes “when we asked Aayushi and Neeraj to narrate some memory of theirs together, they told us about this incidence which happened in between the period of roka and engagement. Aayushi lost her new pair of shoes during their visit to a pilgrimage place and this struck into my head to reconstruct this whole story into a theme. I created a dummy pair of those shoes of her size.”


Beach Party at Poovar Islands in Souther Flavours

Serene backwaters of Poovar Islands are set across the river from Poovar Golden Beach  where beach party and lunch was organised. This was a traditional theme party where all the guests, families along with bride and groom were dressed in Kerala attire.


Nirav mentions it took him 8 months of planning to make this wedding a grand success and the families still cannot forget the memories they have captured at Aayushi and Neeraj wedding  and the overwhelmed hospitality serviced by Beacon Creations.

Story Teller: Nirav Parekh of Beacon Creations
Story Binder: wed tease
Photo Credits: Beacon Creations