A Visual Extravaganza : Engagement by Dreamzkraft

“Our vision was to create an experience of being present amongst something Magical, almost Mystical…”

Priti Sidhwani of Dreamzkraft

Parisian opera came alive at a plush event designed and executed by Dreamzkraft. Resplendent of luxury and panache, the decor reminded guests of French romanticism and opulence.

Engagement Dias

The venue selected for this occasion was an indoor stadium in Mumbai which was brilliantly turned into the interiors of a French Chateau complete with grand chandeliers, vintage book shelves and awe inspiring floral master pieces. Lounges with thematic detailing were created to add to the ambience and joy of the night.

Love LoungeWhiskey Lounge
Whiskey Lounge 2

On entering the venue, the guests were enveloped in a welcoming aura that set the mood for the events to follow. The pathway was styled with lush blooms, rich velvet drapes and floral balconies.


Love was in the air when the gorgeous couple stepped on to the dias to exchange their rings while a vivacious singer serenaded the crowd into a state of romantic trance.

The FamilyJazz Retro Vocalist

This confession of love was followed by the ushering in of the guests in to the next part of the night.

The curtains positioned aerially in the centre of the venue parted (cued on a remotely managed mechanism created by Dreamzkraft) and guests were ushered in to a pre – set luscious dining area. The crowd gasped as they took in the sights and sounds of this hidden section of this gorgeous custom made Chateau.
Island BarHead Table
Shots LoungeDance floor
Story submitted by : Mamta Gala, Client Servicing – Dreamzkraft
Photo Credits: Dreamzkraft