The Kitchen Art Co. delectates guests for a luxury wedding in IBIZA

The Kitchen Art Company takes its operations and variety menu to Ibiza for a recently held Big Fat Indian Wedding.

A three-day wedding itinerary saw guests coming in from 5 different continents with lavish arrangements. The choicest menu came from none other than THE KITCHEN ART COMPANY specially flown in from India with a team of 30 chefs. 

Sharad Dahiya, The Operations Head and an asset to THE KITCHEN ART COMPANY OF PUNEET SIKAND tells us about the experience, arrangements and locations.

Overall Experience:

Elegant and Opulent arrangements were done for this destination wedding supported by amazingly professional teams; Event Company (Motwane Entertainment and Weddings from Mumbai) & Fabulous Décor Team (Wedding Design Company from New Delhi), the hotel staff and very hospitable & friendly hosts. This was yet another who’s who destination wedding for us for we saw the known guest list from the many destination weddings we have catered. Ibiza for the landscape it posses was definitely one of it’s kind experience and most importantly the extensive support of the planning and decor team makes it further memorable for any destination catering we do.


Lavish Menu and Operations:

We catered approximately 12 dishes from six cuisine styles. There were about 120 dishes in all from across the globe. On Reception day there were about 50 dishes from different cuisines. The operations came out as per our convenience as the professional staff of the venues made every thing comfortable and a must to mention MENEGHELLO known for supplying raw materials in Ibiza helped with setting up our base kitchen. We took help from The Chefs of the respective venues who cooperated their best and the presentation for buffet was done with beautiful props that they generally use for their own setups.


Sourcing and Consignment: 

We sourced all the spices & Asian vegetables from London, even Paneer and rest was all managed locally in IBIZA. Here, you do not have to forage for vegetation as Ibiza has a large produce of vegetables and fresh fruits like berries, lemons, avocados, melons, grapes, etc. However, from India, we shipped a consignment of complete utensils for kitchen and the chafing dishes. 



On the wedding day it was pouring heavily and we had to move the entire Hi-Tea setup to indoors in a very short span of time. Because of the last minute critical climatic conditions, it was decided within barely 18 hours in advance to have the waterproof roofing done over the dining space.

Lunches and Hi-Tea at Hotel ME

                  Sangeet Dinner at one of the finest LIO Club well known for Cabaret

              Wedding Reception Dinner at HEART, one of the top most club’s of Ibiza

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