Varna Studios, Ram Bherwani Productions and Signature Films share their "Take on Music" for the wedding films

Wedding film is a lifetime memorabilia that showcases perfect moments of your lifetime event and the music chosen becomes the voice to those frames, hence achieving all aspects in a given timeline! 

We have three well known film makers who share their thoughts on their “Take on Music” and how much importance it beholds achieving that Ultimate Wedding Film.



“I prefer cinematic music, which has some story in it. Our films are quite unique and individual. It requires to find specific music depending on the film, couple, 12196334_10200801588718920_9221422168421916932_n.jpglocation and client tastes.

I would avoid well known songs, because it should be client’s own story film which is very personal to them. I would not like a scripted story line like that of any movie as it takes away the individual’s story.

The music has to be licensed if used by filmmaker to the client. Most of our clients loves our choice of music which has a very big impact on the final feel. 

Very individually, when I look for music I put in the field ‘cinematic’ first and then uplifting, happy, love, simple, gentle, epic. 

I listen to 2-30 songs before to find the right one,  for you just don’t know when it is the right one. ” – Aurelijus Varna 


logo-280-2001“Music is THE most important as it takes you through various emotions across the film. I prefer mixing music in my films considering various emotion graph throughout the13473246_1733390696940143_1758197572_n film – joy, happiness, some moment of sorrow, fun moments; ultimately
making one feel the entire wedding in those 5 mins. 

We shortlist some 15-20 songs of each category and then get into editing. My team has an excellent understanding of music and my brief goes very clear to them as I understand the client liking very personally. 

I use English, Bollywood, instrumental to bring in the final edit of the wedding films I do.” – Ram Bherwani



“For a wedding filmmaker like me, music is at the nucleus of creativity. While the visuals are the heart, music is the soul. As much as I focus on the script and cinematography, it’s the music which shores up the narration. Music can arouse ‘genuine’, ‘everyday’, and ‘garden variety’ emotions. Be ithpse_fullsize__3738585712_shekhar-and-megha-israni-at-the-ngo-event-to-support-autistic-kids-on-24th-april-2015_553b7a2a18b95 laughter, drama, emotions or joy – music essentially captures every sentiment. I tend to integrate all genres of music in my films catering to the the Client taste and my
sensibility, popularity and traditionalism. The essence and variables like arousal, valence and depth areblended with visual sketches.

Not to forget the lyrics. Good beats, rhythm, lyrics and melody makes for a complete composition.

Of course, I do use English music like classical and blues, but as a Bollywood fanatic, the filmy chords entice me as much as western contemporary. However, I do not employ over-popular, crowd-pleasing, faddish songs which tend to subdue the plot of films. It’s the unheard, unconventional and meaningful music which suits my flavor. For eg: Coke Studio. Let’s be honest: Life imitates movies and movies imitate life. Similarly, Indian weddings are inspired by Bollywood and vice-versa. Having worked as a director for 4 years, I have developed a taste, a flavor, and a sensibility for music. In fact, I owe my work to this work of art and that’s Music…” – Megha Israni

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