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Las Vegas, in Nevada’s Mojave Desert, is a resort city famed for its vibrant nightlife, centred around 24-hour casinos and other entertainment options.

In Conversation with Michael Taylor of Party Las Vegas, the ultimate party bringers of any kind in Las Vegas.

WT: Las Vegas is the most popular city across the globe for its night life and casinos. Tell us what kind of parties you bring in here?

PLV: We here at Party Las Vegas have been in Vegas industry for almost a decade now. We love to talk with clients and learn more about the reasons they plan to celebrate with us. We have a whole list on our website but here are a few of the popular ones; corporate event planning, company event planning, convention planning, wedding parties, bachelor & bachelorette parties, divorce parties even, anniversaries or reunions, birthday parties, party tours, etc. Oh, don’t forget the Wet and Wild pool parties too!

WT: The experience one can expect with Party Las Vegas?

PLV: PartyLasVegas.us is a full VIP event planning company able to cater to every need, wish, or fantasy you can image. Depending on the clients budget we can offer a wide array of services like: Great savings with some of the best value in all of Vegas including insider secrets of things you experience, easy VIP booking services to handle every detail of your trip from private jets, 3 bedroom hotel suites in the heart of the strip, private mansions off the strip, custom event planning for any event, we also include some of our best hostesses for your events to make sure they are worry free, and we always offer a contract or agreement, so everyone knows what we all are doing.

WT: You also offer Memberships? Can you please share some details?

PLV: In a nutshell we offer a year of services for the very low $25 per person per year price that includes things like: free club tickets, free consultation as to what to do and what not to do, deals on bottles with VIP table services, direct access for VIP services, free reservations setup, and much more saving our clients on average over $300 per person.

WT: Vegas is Vegas. Do you have or plan any packages for people travelling from other countries?

PLV: We have been working with clients from all over the world and love to meet new people to learn from them and what is their reason for the trip so we can further help and make new friendships.

WT: Have you executed any recent bachelorette for an Indian? Details please and what services were involved?

PLV: Yes, recently we planned a couples renewing of vows wedding by the name of Ankit Juneja, great group! They wanted to have more of traditional celebration as Vegas could offer but with a modern Vegas twist as well so we did a wedding, dining, limos, photographer/ videographer, flowers, cake designer, party tour/ reception party venue, DJ, and other entertainment. Very fun group! 🙂

WT: Which season is Vegas at its peak with tourists flooding from all across the globe? Is this for any special event?

PLV: We have an estimated 50 million visitors yearly that comes out to about a million every week on average. I think any major holiday, summer time, fight weekends, weekends in general lol are always busy.

WT: Which are the top events you promote in Vegas?

PLV: We work with all of Vegas for reasons such as we want to offer the best not just a venue or event we may get a deal on or kick back on as some event planners or promoters do and we are easier to deal with as we are one stop company.

WT: What is unexplored about Vegas that world doesn’t know?

PLV: First thing I often tell our clients before they come to Vegas is to be prepared for the raw energy it has, you can just feel it as soon as you land, or when you walk the strip, it is catchy, and you almost absorb it, the feeling that makes everyone take back to their adolescence.

One can never get lost for Vegas is for everyone! Vegas has been tag as the adult play ground for a while now, but it really has a little bit of everything for everyone that is special. The best thing I would say is the randomness if you are a people person or people watcher.

About Party Las Vegas:

We have a lot in our site including over 200 other pages I think now but to sum it up in a few words, We Work Hard, We Play Hard, We Party Las Vegas. Join us with over 73,000 fans and over 168,000 check-ins at


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