Alexs Créa Wedding Planner proffer their expertise in Provence Region – the Mediterranean heartland of France

In conversation with Alexs Créa Wedding Planner on the South of France for Wedding Tourism.

Alex A and Alex M is a duet who owns Alexs Créa Wedding Planner based in Provence. They are passionate wedding makers and ensure intricate planning for your dream wedding.

Alex A and Alex M will help us explore splendid and alluring Southern France! 

WT: Tell us about Alexs Créa? When you began and when it all started?

Alex A&M: We created our agency in February 17, 2015, the birthday of Alex A. We got trained with a wedding planner who entered its eighth season. Following this we were able to officially begin on April 1, 2015. 

WT: France has been a listed destination for Indian Weddings off which Paris, Cannes, Monaco have been in news for the Big Pocket weddings. Can you recommend other locations in France for Indian Weddings ?

Alex A&M: We are located between Marseille and Nice, on the French Riviera. We have beautiful areas that can accommodate Indian weddings. We are fortunate to be able to offer, through our region, a variety of sites. Ranging from sea view to getting married in the vineyards!

WT: Like in Chantilly, Chateau de Chantilly has witnessed a Big Fat Indian Wedding. Can you share some exclusive sites? 

Alex A&M: Of course! Since Indian weddings host large numbers of guests, there are rooms in our region that can accommodate a large number of people.

For a wedding with sea view, “Les Pins Penchés” is a superb hotel that can accommodate up to 1400 people.

For a wedding in the vineyards of Provence, “Le Chateau Colbert” can accommodate 300 seated guests, is ideal for expectations of future newlyweds wanting a change of scenery with India.

For a villa wedding combining modern and Provencal landscape, “Le Domaine du organisation” will receive you on the edge of a modern swimming pool and outdoor dining on a terrace that can accommodate 300 seated people.

As Personal Choice for a very intimate wedding with a maximum of 90 guests. We recommend a restaurant outside of time, within a millennium cave. The Restaurant “La Grotte” located in the heart of Provence.

WT: Five star alliances you suggest ? 

Alex A&M: The Hotel “Les Pins Penchés” is perfect for these type of marriage as it can house a maximum of 1,400 people. You have access to a hotel with a botanical garden, fine dining, and a reasonable price given the exceptional situation of the place.

The Palace Eden Roc, near Antibes is THE world’s most beautiful palace which attracts attendees from the Cannes Film Festival. You can choose your accommodation in the Palace, or in their new cabins nestled in the heart of the rocks.

These are two exceptional places in Southern France that can receive just as unique fairytale marriages.

WT: The natural scenes about these places?

Alex A&M: Both places combine the charm of the mediterranean sea, the pine trees of the area and the cicadas. True haven of peace in the heart of Southern France.

WT: Are there any Indian catering services that are well known for outdoor catering?

Alex A&M: There are good Indian restaurants and Pakistanis who can offer their services as a caterer for weddings. However, it’s a very personal choice.

WT: Tell us about what services you offer? 

Alex A&M: We organise end to end arrangements. We meet the couple to determine their expectations and the wedding budget. As per that, we select providers adapted to the desires of our organisation.

WT: What destinations you have been catering your services to apart from France?

Alex A&M: At present, we work in Toulon, Montpellier and the North of France. We already have contracts to Corsica soon, and a project as of now in Thailand or Laos is not yet fully defined. We are therefore open to service any destination required for our future couples from here.

WT: Have you got a chance to design an Indian Wedding? What do you like about Indian Weddings?

Alex A&M: We have not had that opportunity yet, but it would be a pleasure and an honour for us. We love the spirituality of Indian weddings, the fact that every moment has its importance and significance. We also know that an Indian wedding takes place over several days and it’s a challenge that we would meet.

WT: Alexs Créa Wedding Planner are your “Dream Organisers”. Can you elaborate this?

Alex A&M:  We care for each couple to create the wedding of their dreams! We strive to be closer to what they want, whether in the atmosphere, the decor and the course of the day. We care for the budget and we are also there to guide our married in what is possible and what will remain a dream. We are there for them, and I think that’s what pleases many: a listening ear! This is also what allows us to have this special relationship with them.

About Alexs Créa Wedding Planner:

Alexs Créa Wedding Planner consists of two wedding professionals who will put their  heart to turn the wedding of your dreams into reality. By listening to your desires and giving them life, the duet that makes up as team of Alexs Créa Wedding Planner offers its expertise and professionalism to make your wedding day perfect in every way. For them, marriage is the most beautiful act of engagement for a couple, and organising can be stressful to: find the perfect room, the theme that you like, qualities providers … So many things to think about; choices to make to materialise the wedding of your dreams … And there: two heads are definitely better than one!

The team of Alexs Créa Wedding Planner is there to support you, relieve you of small and big hassle … in all ways!

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